Request an appointment to meet with an information specialist at the Visual Resources Centre (VRC)

Use this form to make an appointment to meet an information specialist at the Learning Centre VRC service. The appointment is made with a Learning Centre information specialist for a duration of approx. 1-2 hours.

Please note: appointments may not be available at the time requested. Your appointment will be confirmed by email.

Guidance in visual resources is available in topics requested by the customer, but the guidance session can cover following topics for instance:
  • Visual resources for studies, projects and research
  • Using images in dissertations and referencing practices
  • Image search engines: effective image searching
  • Open cultural heritage and remix
  • Creative Commons licenses
Learn about visual resources and open training events in the Visual Resources Centre guide:

The training is available in Finnish and English. Please indicate in the additional information if you request the training to be in English.
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