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Työn nimi:Adapting Lean User Experience Process for Enterprise Environment
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Oppiaine:Human Computer Interaction and Design   (SCI3020)
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user experience
Tiivistelmä (eng):Internal enterprise simulation-based software tools are complex to use.
Complexity can be reduced by designing for good user experience (UX), making the interface user-friendly and more efficient for employees.
However, designing UX in an innovation project is tricky.
This study applied Lean UX - a user-driven process elaborated by Gothelf (2013).
The process was adapted to fit the development case of an internal simulation-based software sales-tool at Ericsson.

The results of the study describe how the process was adapted and what the challenges of it were.
One challenge of the study was the advanced engineering level of this particular project.
A second challenge was the complex organizational structure and its users.
A third challenge was the management's limited understanding of what UX stands for.

Therefore, the study concludes that even though it is challenging, the Lean UX process can be adapted for enterprise environment.
Whilst the process itself was only slightly adapted, the way the process is applied takes many efforts.
The challenges are further discussed from the perspective of Nielsen's Corporate UX maturity model.
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