eData service is meant for linking of licensed database resources. It is possible to link all of the database resources licensed by the Learning center to any digital environment, such as Moodle. The technique behind this linking is called Libproxy. By utilizing this technique, it is possible to for example create database link lists for the use of the students. eData service is meant for linking resources at database level. The service is not meant for linking of individual articles, journals or e-books.
The use of the eData service is straightforward. One can search for database resources by using the Search function located in the top right of the window or by browsing. One can browse databases either by research areas, resource types or alphabetically (A-Z). Once the desired resource is found, the link to it may be copied from the Copy link function next to the database’s title information. The link beginning with the https://login.libproxy.aalto.fi/login?url epithet can be copied to any digital environment as it authenticates the user and grants access into the resource. Navigating into the resources linked through eData requires an Aalto IT-identifier and password by default. The service also contains some resources that can be openly accessed from the Internet.

Contact: oppimiskeskus@aalto.fi
The eData service is upheld by Aalto University’s Learning center
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