Guided tour of Aalto University’s campus

Guided tours are organized mainly for groups of up to 20 participants. This makes it easier for the whole group to follow the guide. When required, we also organize guided tours for larger groups, with one guide per 20 participants. The prices of the tours are specified further in the form. Please send your request at minimum two weeks before the requested tour date.
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Description: The focus of the tour is architecture, art and campus sustainability. The tour includes a visit to the following buildings: Dipoli, the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Väre (School of Art, Design and Architecture), the Undergraduate Centre and the School of Business

Description: a more in-depth campus tour of two selected locations (20-25 minutes per location). The focus of the tour is architecture, art and campus sustainability. If one of the chosen locations is A Grid, the focus of the tour is an introduction to the growing startup community and its activities.
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The tours begin from the Pinecone entrance of Dipoli, Otakaari 24 (Aalto University’s main building). If the tour does not include Dipoli, the guide will confirm the starting point to the contact person.

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