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Tekijä:Krstic, G.
Sanfey, P.
Otsikko:Earnings inequality and the informal economy
Lehti:Economics of transition
2011 : VOL. 19:1, p. 179-199
Asiasana:informal economy
labour markets
transition economies
Central Europe
Eastern Europe
Tiivistelmä:Based on data from the Living Standard Measurement Surveys, this study analyses the extent and evolution of informality (here as: inf-ty.) and inequality (as: inq-ty.) in the Serbian labour market from 2002 to 2007. There are two surprising results: 1. the level of informal employment has risen significantly over the period, despite strong economic growth and the introduction of market-oriented reforms, 2. the level of inq-ty. in earnings appears to have remained more or less constant, in contrast to the experience of other countries at a similar phase of transition. Informal employees are shown to earn significantly less than those in the formal sector. Inf-ty. plays an increasingly important role in explaining earnings inq-ty.
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