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Tekijä:Baltes, B.
Finkelstein, L.M. (guest eds.)
Otsikko:Special issue: Contemporary empirical advancements in the study of aging in the workplace
Lehti:Journal of Organizational Behavior
2011 : FEB, VOL. 32:2, p. 151-154
Asiasana:labour markets
Tiivistelmä:This introduction presents this Special issue's articles as follows:
"Profiles of mature job seekers: Connecting needs and desires to work characteristics" by Y. Nakai (et al.) ;
"Predicting employee engagement in an age-diverse retail workforce" by J.B. James, S. McKechnie and J. Swanberg ;
"Age and work-related motives: Results of a meta-analysis" by D.T.A.M. Kooij (et al.) ;
"Aging and training and development willingness: Employee and supervisor mindsets" by A.E.M. van Vianen, B.A.G.W. Dalhoeven and I.E. de Pater ;
"Age as moderator of the relationship of proactive personality with training motivation, perceived career development from training, and training behavioral intentions" by M. Bertolino, D.M. Truxillo and F. Fraccaroli ;
"Age diversity, age discrimination climate and performance consequences - A cross organizational study" by F. Kunze, S.A. Boehm and H. Bruch ;
"Maintaining a focus on opportunities at work: The interplay between age, job complexity, and the use of selection, optimization, and compensation strategies" by H. Zacher and M. Frese ;
"Perceived organizational membership and the retention of older workers" by M. Armstrong-Stassen and F. Schlosser ;
"Work hours, retirement, and supportive relations among older adults" by I. Nahum-Shani and P.A. Bamberger.
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