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Tekijä:Stewart, R.W.
Otsikko:You support diversity, but are you ethical? Examining the interactive effects of diversity and ethical climate perceptions on turnover intentions
Lehti:Journal of Business Ethics
2011 : MAR III, VOL. 99:3, p. 453-465
Asiasana:corporate responsibility
social responsibility
business ethics
labour turnover
Vapaa asiasana:CSR
Tiivistelmä:Utilizing the stakeholder perspective to corporate social responsibility (CSR), this paper deals with the effects of a perceived climate for ethics on the relationship btw. diversity climate and voluntary turnover intentions. Specifically, it is examined how ethics climate affected the diversity climate-turnover (herein as: c-t.) intentions relationship (as: i-r-ship). It is found that ethics climate moderates the diversity c-t. i-r-ship. Turnover intentions were lowest among workers perceiving both a pro-diversity and highly ethical climate. These results enforce the need for communicating both diversity values and ethical standards to employees.
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