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Tekijä:Johnson, G.D.
Grier, S.A.
Otsikko:Targeting without alienating: Multicultural advertising and the subtleties of targeted advertising
Lehti:International Journal of Advertising
2011 : VOL. 30:2, p. 233-258
minority groups
Vapaa asiasana:media
Tiivistelmä:Due to growing diversity of different nations' populations, advertisers have been encouraged to adopt their strategy by taking into account of not traditionally targeted consumer groups, e.g. minorities. This paper explores a way of targeting a specific minority group by advertisers within the mainstream media while preserving resonance among broader audience. In order to examine viewers' responses to multicultural (henceforth as: m-c-al.) advertising in France, an experiment is performed. There are shown the fundamental role of viewers' congruence judgments and felt targetedness on the effectiveness of m-c-al. targeting attempts etc.
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