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Tekijä:Meyer, K.E.
Mudambi, R.
Narula, R.
Otsikko:Multinational enterprises and local contexts: the opportunities and challenges of multiple embeddedness
Lehti:Journal of Management Studies
2011 : MAR, VOL. 48:2, p. 235-252
Asiasana:multinational companies
subsidiary companies
corporate governance
small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
economic geography
offshore industry
Vapaa asiasana:cultural diversity
knowledge accumulation
knowledge dissemination
Tiivistelmä:This introductory article presents this Special issue on 'Multinational enterprises and local contexts' with the following articles:
"Re-conceptualizing Bartlett and Ghoshal's classification of national subsidiary roles in the multinational enterprise" by A. Rugman, A. Verbeke and Y. Wenlong ;
"Knowledge accumulation and dissemination in MNEs: a practice-based framework" by S. Tallman and A.S. Chacar ;
"The impact of added cultural distance and cultural diversity on international expansion patterns: a Penrosean perspective" by T. Hutzschenreuter, J.C. Voll and A. Verbeke ;
"The moderating impact of informal institutional distance and formal institutional risk on SME entry mode choice" by C. Schwens, J. Eiche and R.J. Kabst ;
"The economic geography of offshoring: the fit between activities and local context" by P.D. Jensen and T. Pedersen ;
"Distant encounters of the third kind: multinational companies locating divisional headquarters abroad" by G.R.G. Benito, R. Lunnan and S. Tomassen ;
"Subsidiary integration as identity construction and institution building: a political sensemaking approach" by E. Clark and M. Geppert ;
"The role of dual embeddedness in the innovative performance of MNE subsidiaries: evidence from Brazil" by P.N. Figueiredo ;
"Obligating, pressuring, and supporting dimensions of the environment and the non-market advantages of developing-country multinational companies" by A. Cuervo-Cazurra and M.E. Genc ;
"Governance: the next frontier for research on multinational firms" by A. Delios ;
"The governance of the multinational enterprise: insights from internalization theory" by P.J. Buckley and R. Strange ;
"Agency perspectives on corporate governance of multinational enterprises" by I. Filatotchev and M. Wright.
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