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Tekijä:Walsh, G.
Otsikko:Unfriendly customers as a social stressor - an indirect antecedent of service employees' quitting intention
Lehti:European Management Journal
2011 : FEB, VOL 29:1 p. 67-78
Asiasana:resource management
employee motivation
Vapaa asiasana:seeking distance
Tiivistelmä:Recent management research suggests that unpleasant work experiences of service employees cause problems with job performance, affect the bottom line and contribute to high rates of employee turnover. Although various job stressors have been studied as antecedents of employees' decision to quit, less attention has been given to customer behavior as a possible predictor of quitting intentions. This paper presents a model of service employees' intention to quit. The model which bases on an empirical study considers also perceived customer unfriendliness which has an indirect and direct impact on employees' job satisfaction.
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