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Tekijä:Buyl, T. (et al.)
Otsikko:Top management team functional diversity and firm performance: the moderating role of CEO characteristics
Lehti:Journal of Management Studies
2011 : JAN, VOL 48:1 p. 151-177
chief executive officers
performance measurement
Vapaa asiasana:CEO
Tiivistelmä:Past research indicates that the effect of top management team (TMT) functional diversity on firm performance is equivocal. In this paper this issue is addressed by focusing on the integrative role of the CEO. Using a dataset of 33 Dutch and Belgian IT firms, the moderating role of three sets of CEO characteristics (functional background, status as founder, and shared experience with the other TMT members) on the relationship between TMT functional diversity and firm performance is investigated. The results suggest that CEO and TMT characteristics do interact in realizing the potential advantages of distributed TMT functional expertise.
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