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Tekijä:Hyytinen, A.
Toivanen, O.
Otsikko:Income inequality and technology diffusion: evidence from developing countries
Lehti:Scandinavian Journal of Economics
2011 : VOL. 113:2 p. 364-387
Asiasana:mobile phones
market research
developing countries
developed economies
Tiivistelmä:This paper studies the effect of within-country income inequality on the diffusion of mobile phones using data on market penetration in a sample of developing countries from 1985 to 1998. It is found that income inequality, as measured by the income share of the highest earning deciles, has a positive effect on the early diffusion of mobile phones and that the estimated effect becomes greater when a measure of agricultural endowments is used as an instrument. The findings indicate that the diffusion of new technologies originating from industrialized countries may generate yet another channel which links inequality and development.
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