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Tekijä:Valentine, S. (et al.)
Otsikko:Corporate ethical values, group creativity, job satisfaction and turnover intention: the impact of work context on work response
Lehti:Journal of Business Ethics
2011 : FEB I, VOL. 98:3, p. 353-372
job attitudes
job satisfaction
corporate culture
health service
Vapaa asiasana:turnover intention
ethical values
Tiivistelmä:There are more favourable employee work responses expected if the corporate culture is strengthened by ethical values (as: e-vls.) and other positive business practices. Thus, this study aims to assess the degree to which perceived corporate ethical values (herein as: c-e-vls.) work together with group creativity to influence both job satisfaction (here as: j-sat.) and turnover intention (t-o-int).
Using a self-report questionnaire, information was gathered from over 780 healthcare and administrative employees working at a multi-campus education-based healthcare organization. In addition, more survey data was collected from a comparative convenience sample of more than 120 sales and marketing employees working for a variety of firms operating in the south-central United States (U.S.)
Based on the results, it is indicated that group creativity and c-e-vls. were positively related, and that both variables were associated with increased j-sat. Conversely, c-e-vls. and j-sat. were associated with decreased t-o-int. Sales managers should create work cultures that expidites increased e-vls. and group creativity. There are suggestions provided about how these factor may get institutionalized.
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