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Tekijä:Cuyper, N. De
Heijden, B. I.J.M. Van der
Witte, H. De
Otsikko:Associations between perceived employability, employee well-being, and its contribution to organizational success: a matter of psychological contracts?
Lehti:International journal of human resource management
2011 : APR-MAY, VOL. 22:7-9 p.1486-1503
Vapaa asiasana:emloyability
organizational outcomes
Tiivistelmä:This article analyses interactions between perceived employability and employees' perceptions about psychological contract obligations made by the employer in relation to life and job satisfaction, self-rated performance, and turnover intention. Analyses using a sample of 463 workers from seven Belgian organizations revealed that perceived employability was positively related to all outcomes except job satisfaction. The number of promises was positively related to job and life satisfaction, and to self-rated performance, and negatively to turnover intention. The relationships between perceived employability and the outcomes were relatively strong and positive under the condition of few promises compared with many promises.
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