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Tekijä:Gurbuz, S.
Mert, I. S.
Otsikko:Impact of the strategic human resource management on organizational performance: evidence from Turkey
Lehti:International journal of human resource management
2011 : APR-MAY, VOL. 22:7-9 p.1803-1822
Asiasana:human resource management
job satisfaction
organizational performance
strategic management
Tiivistelmä:In this study, strategic human resource management (SHRM) and HR practices in Turkey were examined to evaluate the influence of these practices on financial and market performance, operational performance, job satisfaction, and turnover. Empirical results from a sample of Turkey's Top 500 firms-2007 show that SHRM and selection and development practices have direct and positive effects on financial and market performance and operational performance. Though, only selection and development practices are found to affect positively on turnover.
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