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Tekijä:Saaritsa, S.
Otsikko:The poverty of solidarity: the size and structure of informal income smoothing among worker households in Helsinki, 1928
Lehti:Scandinavian economic history review
2011 : VOL. 59:2, p. 102-127
income distribution
household economics
Tiivistelmä:There has been little direct empirical evidence for informal income smoothing by households before the post-Second World War expansion in public welfare. However, there is some panel data on informal transactions in Finnish household budgets from 1928 that enables examination of the role of savings, loans and informal assistance to counter income variation. Income inequality was translated into risk-management inequality, as wealthier workers were able to use superior means of stabilizing income fluctuations such as credit and savings, compared to the less effective informal assistance received by the poorest households.
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