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Tekijä:Subramony, M.
Otsikko:Antecedents and outcomes of contingent workers' attitudes toward their temporary help services firm: a unit level longitudinal investigation
Lehti:Journal of Organizational Behavior
2011 : AUG, VOL. 32:6 p. 850-868
Asiasana:employee attitudes
working conditions
industrial relations
industrial sociology
Tiivistelmä:This study examines the unit-level antecedents and results of contingent workers’ attitudes toward their temporary help services (THS) company. It is suggested that client-orientation levels of the THS company’s fulltime personnel would affect the level of support received by contingent workers, staff supportiveness would be reciprocated by these workers, and contingent workers’ attitudes toward the THS company would affect unit-level outcomes. Relationships are supported by a longitudinal study using survey data gathered from 1324 full-time employees, 570 contingent workers, and 1951 clients, and archival data on staff turnover from 46 strategic business units of a THS company.
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