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Tekijä:Morrin, M.
Ratneshvar, S.
Otsikko:The impact of ambient scent on evaluation, attention, and memory for familiar and unfamiliar brands
Lehti:Journal of Business Research
2000 : AUG, VOL. 49:2, p. 157-165
Asiasana:Brand names
Consumer behaviour
Brand valuation
Vapaa asiasana:Manipulation
Tiivistelmä:The use of ambient scent or atmospheric odor as a means to affect human behavior appears to be on the rise. In this study subjects were exposed to familiar or unfamiliar brand names in either a pleasantly scented or unscented environment. A computer recorded how much time they took to evaluate each brand. After a distracter task, their memory for the brand names was tested with recall and recognition measures.
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