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Tekijä:Magnan, M.
Markarian, G.
Otsikko:Accounting, governance and the crisis: Is risk the missing link?
Lehti:European Accounting Review
2011 : VOL. 20:2 p. 215-231
financial reporting
financial accounting
Tiivistelmä:This article's focus is on financial reporting and governance in the period 2007-2010, when the financial crisis was on. It is found that accounting exhibited shortcomings in its structural foundation and in its application. Salient is its failure to account for uncertainty and to adequately capture, measure and disclosure the effect of risk-taking on the financial statements, thereby undermining their reliability and, potentially, their relevance as indicators of economic performance. As a result, boards were provided with misleading numbers, and compensation was based on paper profits that did not materialize.
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