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Tekijä:Wowak, A.J.
Hambrick, D.C.
Otsikko:A model of person-pay interaction: how executives vary in their responses to compensation arrangements
Lehti:Strategic Management Journal
2010 : AUG, VOL. 31:8, p. 803-821
Asiasana:chief executive officers
executive remuneration
management pay
stock options
agency theory
Vapaa asiasana:upper echelons
Tiivistelmä:It is indicated by research that organizational outcomes are influenced by executive (CEO) characteristics (herein as: exct-chars.) and incentive (as: inct/s.) compensation. Yet, the literatures within these two domains follow distinct, separate paths. This paper offers a framework for integrating these two perspectives. A new model is presented specifying how exct-chars. and inct/s. operate to influence strategic decisions and firm performance. Focusing on three individual-level attributes, that is, i. executive drives and motives, ii. cognitive frame, and iii. self-confidence, there are developed propositions detailing how executives will differ in their risk-taking behaviours in response to stock options. Furthermore, it is argued that stock options will amplify the implications of executive ability etc.
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