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Tekijä:Callan, S. J.
Thomas, J. M.
Otsikko:Executive compensation, corporate social responsibility, and corporate financial performance: a multi-equation framework
Lehti:Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental management
2011 : NOV-DEC, VOL. 18:6 p. 332-351
social responsibility
corporate responsibility
financial performance
chief executive officers
payment by results
Vapaa asiasana:CSR
Tiivistelmä:In this article, a multi-equation model is used to investigate the determinants of executive compensation. The specification explicitly considers the endogeneity of executive compensation, company financial performance, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Financial performance and social performance are determined concurrently. It is indicated that CSR is among the determinants of CEO pay, which show that pay-for-performance does not adequately explain compensation.
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