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Tekijä:Chelariu, C.
Stump, R.
Otsikko:A study of work-family conflict, family-work conflict and the contingent effect of self-efficacy of retail salespeople in a transitional economy
Lehti:European Journal of Marketing
2011 : VOL. 45:11-12, p. 1660-1679
transition economies
Tiivistelmä:The study's purpose is to contribute to the literature on work-family conflict (WFC) and family-work conflict (FWC) issues by inspecting the interrelationship of these constructs with other variables in a transitional economy. Data were collected by use of self-report questionnaires distributed to retail salespeople in Hungary. The hypotheses were tested by structural equation modeling. The results indicate that WFC is strongly related to job stress, while FWC is not, and that job stress completely mediates the effect of WFC on turnover intentions. It was also found that self-efficacy, as a moderator, boosted the positive effect of WFC on job stress, but attenuated the effect of FWC. The evidence that WFC more strongly relates to job stress than FWC underscores the need for retailers to implement progressive policies for supportive work environments, which can reduce WFC and FWC. The contingent effect of self-efficacy also has important implications for retailers' recruiting and training practices in transitional economies.
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