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Tekijä:Kulich, C. (et al.)
Otsikko:Who gets the carrot and who gets the stick? Evidence of gender disparities in executive remuneration
Lehti:Strategic Management Journal
2011 : MAR, VOL. 32:3 p. 301-321
Asiasana:executive remuneration
women executives
sex discrimination
pay differentials
equal pay
listed companies
United Kingdom
Tiivistelmä:This article investigates the relationship between managerial bonuses and company performance. It is argued that the gender pay gap is a context-specific phenomenon that is due partly to the moderating effect of company performance on pay inequalities. Using a matched sample of 192 female and male executive directors of U.K.-listed companies, the existence of the gender pay disparities in company boardrooms is found. It is also found that bonuses to men aren't only bigger than those payed to women, but also that managerial compensation of male executive directors is much more performance-sensitive than female executives'.
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