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Tekijä:Egels-Zandén, N.
Hyllman, P.
Otsikko:Differences in organizing between unions and NGOs: conflict and cooperation among Swedish unions and NGOs
Lehti:Journal of Business Ethics
2011 : JUN III, VOL. 101:2, p. 249-261
Asiasana:corporate responsibility
industrial relations
trade unions
non-government organizations
Nordic countries
Tiivistelmä:The worker rights protection is in the centre of the ongoing debate on business ethics. This paper argues that cooperative union-NGO relationships are difficult to form in part due to the differences btw. how unions and NGOs organize. More specifically, based on two qualitative studies, it is shown that the problems originate from differences in organizing related to (i) identity construction, (ii) governance systems, and (iii) resources. It is concluded with a discussion on the possibility of successful union-NGO cooperation and improved worker rights protection in emerging economies.
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