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Tekijä:Laure, Denis
Työn nimi:Bringing Understanding of Simulation Material to Interaction Designers
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Oppiaine:Human-Computer Interaction and Design   (SCI3020)
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Ohjaaja:Timus, Bogdan
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digital material
interaction design
mediator person
Tiivistelmä (eng):Simulation-based tools are complex and obscure software.
However, a company may benefit from using such tools, as they provide more precise and accurate information.
Ericsson has developed a RAN simulator that allows to model cellular networks taking into account even their smallest aspects.
This allows to compare different solutions for particular case and select the best one.
Therefore, Ericsson can propose better, i. e. most efficient and less cost, solutions to its customers.
However, the RAN simulator is developed in MATLAB and does not have any graphical user interface.
Therefore, it is not possible for people who manage sales at Ericsson to use it, because they have no skills for it.
This, in fact, raises the need of development of a tool that will provide sales people with a convenient way to access the RAN simulator.

This research describes a process of prototyping three simulation-based tools for Ericsson.
It covers a process of providing interaction designers with the knowledge about simulations.
The research gives insights on important details of the simulations that are needed to be delivered to the designers, as well as aspects of developing simulation-based tools within multidisciplinary team.
Moreover, the research introduces a "mediator person" who can significantly help and improve the process of the development of simulation-based tools.
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