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Tekijä:Bencze, Dénes
Työn nimi:Adaptive User Interface of a Geographic Information System
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Oppiaine:Human-Computer Interaction and Design ; Innovation & Entrepreneurship   (SCI3020 ; SCI3100)
Valvoja:Nieminen, Marko ; Möller, Sebastian
Ohjaaja:Nieminen, Mika ; Lüdtke, Axel
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user interface
user experience
Tiivistelmä (eng):The purpose of implementing an adaptive user interface is to change the way the computer behaves depending on the demands of the user.
Such systems can be can be described as software components that continuously improve their ability to interact with the user [2].
These adaptive systems collect information on how the user is interacting with the software, and then this data is used for changing the user interface so that it serves the needs of the individual users better.
The usage of such interactive systems is increasing in modern computer software: the technology is present in web applications, smartphones and other devices.

The aim of this thesis is to find out how an adaptive user interface affects the usability of complex business-to-business products, such as a geographic information system.
In the scope of the project we focused on three independent aspects of usability [12]: effectiveness, efficiency and attractiveness.
Before the implementation of the adaptive features, a user study was conducted using a questionnaire, interviews and contextual inquiries.
This was followed by the design of the user tests.
The non-adaptive and the adaptive versions of the product were both tested in the real work context of the users.
The outcomes show that the use of an adaptive user interface resulted in an unequivocal increase in effectiveness, and a decrease in task completion time and in most aspects of the cognitive workload.

As profound technologies are becoming indistinguishable parts of our everyday life, the significance of adaptive user interfaces will also continuously increase.
Therefore, it is essential to make continuous improvements on these intelligent systems.
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