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Tekijä:Hemmasi, M.
Downes, M.
Varner, I.I.
Otsikko:An empirically-derived multidimensional measure of expatriate success: Reconciling the discord
Lehti:International journal of human resource management
2010 : JUN-JUL, VOL. 21:7-9 p. 982-998
Asiasana:expatriate managers
factor analysis
Vapaa asiasana:overseas market
Tiivistelmä:The article investigates how the success and effectiveness of the expatriates is defined. As there have been disagreements on what actually constructs success and how it is best defined, the article employs a multidimensional measure model to reconcile the differences. The measure is developed using data from a survey of 118 expatriate respondents from all around the world. Nine measurement scales are identified based on factor analyses and reliability and item analyses.
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