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Tekijä:Blomme, R.J.
Rheede, A.van
Tromp, D.M.
Otsikko:The use of psychological contract to explain turnover intentions in the hospitality industry: A research study on the impact of gender on the turnover intentions of highly educated employees
Lehti:International journal of human resource management
2010 : JAN-FEB, VOL. 21:1-3 p. 144-162
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Vapaa asiasana:psychological contract
turnover intentions
Tiivistelmä:The article employs a psychological contract approach to employment relationships in the hospitality industry, with a special focus on highly educated employees. Differences in the psychological contract and its relation to intentions to leave between highly educated female and male employees is investigated. The results are based on a study of 247 respondents worldwide. The findings indicate a high variance in intention to leave and authors suggest that this may be due to the psychological contract measures. For women particularly, work-life balance and promotion opportunities are related to turnover intention, whereas for men the clarity of job description is a predictor for leaving.
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