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Tekijä:Wittmer, J. L. S.
Martin, J. E.
Otsikko:Work and personal role involvement of part-time employees: implications for attitudes and turnover intentions
Lehti:Journal of Organizational Behavior
2011 : JUL, VOL. 32:5 p. 767-787
Asiasana:part-time workers
employee attitudes
Tiivistelmä:This article uses precise, direct measures of involvement to study part-time (PT) employees. The PT typology is tested on a geographically and occupationally diverse sample. It is found that part-timers with more psychological involvement in roles and those with roles outside work that are less flexible and more time intensive have less work role involvement, higher turnover intentions and generally less positive attitudes. Furthermore, the findings support that the more direct measures better predict work role involvement and turnover intent than the indirect PT typology measure.
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