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Tekijä:Stewart, R. (et. al)
Otsikko:You support diversity, but are you ethical? Examining the interactive effects of diversity and ethical climate perceptions on turnover intentions
Lehti:Journal of Business Ethics
2011 : JUN, VOL. 100:4, p. 581-593
labour turnover
job satisfaction
exit interviews
Tiivistelmä:Efforts to identify antecedents of employee turnover probably offer value to organizations through more efficient recruitment and new-hire training. The authors utilized the stakeholder perspective to corporate social responsibility to investigate the effects of a perceived climate for ethics on the connection between diversity climate and voluntary turnover intentions. Particularly, it was examined how ethics climate (employees' perceptions of their organization valuing and enforcing ethically correct behavior) influenced the diversity climate-turnover intentions relationship. Results suggest that ethics climate did moderate the diversity climate-turnover intentions relationship. Turnover intentions were lowest among workers who perceived both a pro-diversity and highly ethical climate. These results verify the need of emphasizing both diversity values and ethical standards to employee communication.
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