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Tekijä:Grima, F.
Paille, P.
Otsikko:Mediation in professional relationships in France: tactics and outcomes
Lehti:Industrial Relations Journal
2011 : SEP, VOL. 42:5, p. 428-452
human relations
Tiivistelmä:This research has two goals. First, it tries to update the various tactics mediators use in the context of professional relationships in France. Second, it analyses the outcomes of the various aspects of mediator action. Combining semi-structured interviews with mediators and social negotiators involved in mediation and observation, the results suggest the existence of a variety of diversified tactics that a mediator can use based on his or her view of the existence of dynamics for agreement. Contrary to existing Anglo-Saxon research, the mediator in France feels entitled to become a genuine third party and affect key issues during debates. Underlining three contingent variables (level of conflictuality, mediator's and negotiators' experience in mediating) puts the mediator's intervention into perspective.
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