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Tekijä:Boer, N.-I.
Berends, H.
Baalen, P. van
Otsikko:Relational models for knowledge sharing behavior
Lehti:European Management Journal
2011 : APR, VOL. 29:2 p. 85-97
organizational behaviour
case studies
Vapaa asiasana:knowledge sharing
Tiivistelmä:This article investigates the relational dimension of knowledge sharing behavior by suggesting a comprehensive theoretical framework for studying knowledge sharing in organizations. Two case studies were conducted and it was investigated how people use different relational models for their knowledge sharing activities. It is indicated that the willingness to share knowledge is based on different relational models and that people only share knowledge when they share similar relational models. In addition, effective knowledge sharing happens when incentive systems and knowledge management systems are appropriated to the relational model in use.
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