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Tekijä:Foo, M.D.
Otsikko:Teams developing business ideas: how member characteristics and conflict affect member-rated team effectiveness
Lehti:Small business economics
2011 : JAN, VOL. 36:1, p. 33-46
Asiasana:team work
Tiivistelmä:Team researchers have found the diversity to effectiveness ratings mediated by team conflict. Using a sample of 73 teams developing their business ideas, direct impacts of diversity and conflict are found on member-rated team effectiveness. In this paper, I explain how the these teams' working circumstances can lead to these findings. For the teams, task conflict was found negatively related to member-rated team effectiveness, contrasting with organizational teams' research results, which usually show a positive relation. Moreover, both diversity and average member experience were found to affect member-rated effectiveness. These findings suggest that diversity, conflict, and ratings of team effectiveness can differ for teams developing business ideas compared to organizational teams. Thus, results from organizational team research should be applied carefully to teams developing business ideas and possibly to all new venture teams.
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