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Tekijä:Kotha, R.
Zheng, Y.
George, G.
Otsikko:Entry into new niches: the effects of firm age and the expansion of technological capabilities on innovative output and impact
Lehti:Strategic Management Journal
2011 : SEP, VOL. 32:9 p. 1011-1024
bio-technology industry
technological innovation
market entry
strategic planning
Tiivistelmä:This article argues that young companies systematically differ from older ones in their innovative output when they enter new technological niches. Data from 128 biotechnology companies since their inception is examined. Findings show that the organizational age at which the company branches into new technological niches significantly affects its innovative activity. It is found that older companies have a higher quantity of output than their younger counterparts, while young companies tend to win their older rivals with higher effect.
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