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Tekijä:Xia, J.
Otsikko:Mutual dependence, partner substitutability, and repeated partnership: the survival of cross-border alliances
Lehti:Strategic Management Journal
2011 : MAR, VOL. 32:3 p. 229-253
resource management
international business
theory of the firm
market entry
organizational behaviour
portfolio management
Tiivistelmä:This article proposes that alliance survival is an adaptive reaction to both environmental and partner dependencies. Based on a sample of cross-border alliances of local and foreign companies in a longitudinal study, the findings propose that the mutual trade dependence between a home country and a host country is positively connected with the survival of cross-border alliances in the host country. While partner substitutability reduces the probability of alliance survival, repeated partnership increases the probability. In addition, mutual trade dependence reduces the negative impact of partner substitutability on alliance survival.
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